Who are we?

We are volunteers from the Indian and Pakistani diaspora living in The United States of America. We passionately believe in building inter-community bridges to promote people to people contact, which we believe will lead to better social and business opportunities for its members.


As a community, our goal is to become a role model for Indians and Pakistanis around the world. We hope to demonstrate how inter-community integration based on the philosophy of love and compassion can lead to peace and prosperity for all, especially the underprivileged amongst us.



A little historical perspective


The Indian subcontinent has always been blessed with tremendous natural and human resources, yet hundreds of millions of our people have and continue to live in the worst of the human living conditions. Why is it so?



What led crusaders, invaders, and conquerors to not only invade, rule, enslave, loot and plunder but also change our culture, traditions, and way of life was lack of unity amongst us. Should it always be like that?


How Are We Going To Get There?


We recognize we have a long and hard road ahead. We also believe this journey like any other starts with the first step. Join us in taking that first step together!!!


We realize that along the way while we will receive encouragement we will also face hardships. We will make mistakes and hopefully learn from them. We hope that our guiding principles of Mohubbat will always lead us to do the right things.

Please join the Mohubbat movement by being a role model and an ambassador of Mohubbat in your local community.


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