Diwan Dayaram Gidumal (1857-1927 AD), a retired Sessions Judge, founded Diwan Mitharam Trust to aid educational institutions and award scholarships to deserving students to prosecute higher education. Mitharam hail and hostel in Karachi are reminiscent of his philanthropy.

Besides, several institutions, Pathshalas, Libraries and Medical Dispensaries were set up under the Trust: for instance, the Gidumal Sanskrit Pathshala and Sadhu Ashram at Hyderabad, The Karachi Central Library, Homeopathic Library, Shivakung Students Home, Mobile Homeopathic Dispensary, TB Sanatorium Dharampur, an Orphanage in Dholya, Shanti Asham Amritsar, Naval Rai Hiränaiid Academy Hyderabad, the Hyderabad Education Society, Rishi Ghat, a Poor Girls' Fund and the National College at Hyderabad, were established through the efforts of this retired government servant.

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