Navalral Hiranand Academy (Hyderabad)

Updated: Mar 3, 2018

Late Mr. Hiranand Showkiram Advani had established this institution in the year 1888 A.C. in a rented building under the name if Union Academy, which was changed into Hiránand Academy after his death in the year 1893. There. after in the year 1900, it was transferred to the present building near, the Post Office on a site measuring 16,272 sq. yards, which was granted by the Municipality on a nominal rent of one anna a year for 999 years lease.

The total costs of the building were Rs. 77,000/- of which Government had granted Rs.

3,291/-. The balance was contributed from the Navalrai Hiranand Memorial Fund and from the Jacob Memorial Fund. The school was containing 24 classes and other rooms besides the Jacob Hall which was so big and designed to accommodate 8000 pupils at a time. There were two separate boarding houses in a rented building. The record shows that in the year 1916-17 the number of pupils on the rolls were 575, composed of 522 Hindus, 44 Muslims and 9 others of different castes.

The number of boarders was 34. After partition, it is called Government High School and presently its location is on Risala Road. Nowadays it has also Law College on its right-hand side having the name as Hyderabad Sindh law College.

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