2nd Annual Mohubbat

Golf Tournament

Sun Oct 6th, 2019 | Pacific Palms Resort

Come join us create a piece of history together again! Never before a group of golfers and supporters from India and Pakistan anywhere in the world have put together the largest Golf Tournament and in turn have become the role models of friendship to the rest of the world to replicate. 

2nd Mohubbat
Annual Golf Tournament

Dinner & Entertainment Program

by Malaika Faisal and Bhavya Pandit

Sun Oct 6th, 2019

Pacific Palms Resort

1 Industry Hills Parkway

City of Industry, CA 91744

Largest ever, Mohubbat golf tournament to bring people of India and Pakistan together to promote peace, love and friendship.

2nd Annual Mohubbat Tournament 
1 Industry Hills Pkwy, City of Industry, CA 91744


Tournament Rules & Requirements



Please arrive between 9:30am - 10:00am so that no one holds the other 143 players from teeing off on time as it will delay all activities that follow at the conclusion the round.


5:30pm to 6:00pm – To clean up and change – Showers, Towels and lockers will be provided by the course. We encourage you to bring your evening clothes to enhance the ambience of the evening program.


6:00 – 07:00pm - Golfers Social Hour - Cocktail Hour,  outside the Main Ball room. There will be 2 cash bars setup for us.


DINNER – Prize Distribution - Social 6:30pm to 08:00pm

ROGRAM & ACTIVITIES - 8:00pm to 11:00pm





You can book Sat for $129/night and Sunday for $99/night. Just call the main no (626) 810-4455 and let them know. You are with MOHUBBAT GROUP..



There will be a registration Desk Setup in front of Pro SHOP where you will have to check in to the assigned a cart no and group with names of players in that group. Pairing is being done on your Handicap… Please open up your heart and welcome new friends into your foursome through golf and hopefully in your life :)



You will be given a token / code to warm up before tee off.



Our dear friend CJ Singh has generously not only paid but also took the time to design and get these made for you. At the time of the registration if you did not answer the question of shirt Size, please accept our humble gift in the best possible size available.



Like last year, Jumesh Walia, Manjit Pandher and Ravi Grewal this year also has been kind enough to go through the effort of getting these CAPS made for us and have graciously bought all of us LUNCH. Both Veg and Non-Veg sandwiches will be available at the time of registration.



We will have 3 groupings of players:

1.      Low Handicap Group.  This group will Tee-off from Blue Tees and will have golfers with handicap index of 10.00 or below.  We may need to adjust this once we start the pairing.

2.     High Handicap Group.  This group will Tee-off from White Tees and will have golfers with handicap index between 10.1-18. We may need to adjust this once we start the pairing.

3.     Scramble Group.  These are golfers with handicap index of 19 or greater or who do not have a GHIN.  This group will tee-off from White Tees.



Low Gross & Net

Both Low Handicap Group and High Handicap Group will have individual player tournament.  Prizes will be given to 1 low gross and 1 low net scorer from each of the two group.  If the person winning the low gross is also the person winning the low net, then the runner up for the low net will get the prize.  This will be calculated based on USGA handicap index.


Low Team Score

This prize is for Scramble group only.  The Scramble Group will play as 4-man team, and team with lowest score gets this prize.


Longest Drive Contest

Longest drive tournament will only be for Low and High handicap group.  High handicap group will be competing for longest drive on hole number 8, while the Low handicap group will compete for longest drive on hole number 18.


Closest to Pin Contest

Every golfer, regardless of the tee’s used will be able to participate in this contest.  Holes selected are hole number 15 (137/113 yds) and hole number 9 (118/96 yds).


Hole in One Contest

Every golfer, regardless of the tee’s used will be able to participate in this contest.  All 4 Par 3’s are part of this contest.  If any Golfer does win this contest, they will automatically be ineligible for Closest to Pin contest.


Longest Putt Contest

Every golfer, regardless of the tee’s used will be able to participate in this contest.  The contest will be played on hole numbers 1 & 12.



Industry hills staff will be responsible for final tallying of the scores.  They would need to accommodate scoring tally for:

1.      Individual strokes – for Low and High Handicap groups.  Every player in this group will have GHIN, and that will be used for scoring.

2.     Scramble – for Scramble group.  Some players will have GHIN, but most will not.  So, this will be based on Gross score only.




Low & High Handicap Groups

In addition to course mandated rules, following will apply:

1.      All balls have to be played as they lie, no exception.  If the ball is moved, that will count as 1 stroke penalty.

2.     All out of bounds areas will be treated as hazards.  Player is allowed to drop a ball at the closest point of entry and will add 1 stroke penalty to their score.  If you or your playing partner clearly see the ball exiting the out of bounds parameters, then there is no need to find the ball, just drop the ball to the closest point of entry.

3.     For players playing in Scramble format the Maximum score at any hole will be double the par.  For example, on par 4, the maximum score would be 8, so if you are already at your 8th stroke, then in the interest of pace of play, please just pick up your ball.

4.     In the interest of pace of play, no one will be allowed to go back to Tee box in case of lost ball.  Just drop the ball where you anticipate your ball at, with 1 stroke penalty.


Scramble Group

1.      Scramble will be 4-man team, so everyone on the flight is on the same team.

2.     Everyone plays of the best ball position within your team.

3.     All out of bounds are treated as hazards, so if all 4 hit out of bounds, drop the ball at the furthest point of entry and everyone plays from there with 1 stroke penalty.



1.     Mohubbat is a non-political and a non-religious non-profit organization that promotes the simplest of all messages – HUMANITY ABOVE ALL. Given the current political landscape of South Asia, not only we will refrain but discourage anyone wanting to initiate political or religious conversations. We do want to encourage meeting new people and hopefully make new friends.

2.     We are not a professional event planner. All of us are volunteers who have donated time and money to share our Mohubbat with our friends. We know that we will fall short in more than one place, please forgive us and work with us to make this a lifetime memory for yourself and for others.




Many thanks to the following friends to help us underwrite $25K so that we can invite more friends …


Bharat Patel, Faruk Bhagani, Jumesh Walia, Hab Bank, Samra Family, Sanjey Celly, Ali Reza, Deepak Chopra, CJ Singh, Asim Ashary, Asif Chatta,

Ghazala Khan, Nikki Khan, Navid Ali and Azhar Hameed.

Three holes $7500 total - $2500 hole in one
Sponsored by Ravi Grewal, Manjit Pandher and Jumesh Walia


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